Prize/Award Giveaways

Gift cards and other items can be purchased and given away under the following circumstances:

  • For students only – can not be given to employees
  • Can not be given as payment for work or as a reimbursement of an expense
  • Must be purchased from allowable fund types
    • Never on State appropriations
    • May be allowable on Auxiliaries, Grants and Foundations

All prizes must be tracked using the Prize Giveaway tracking sheet which includes the students name, student ID, the name of the item and the value of the item and the signature of the student.  This information is shared with the Controller’s office and may result in the student receiving a 1099 for the total amount of awards/prizes received in that calendar year.

When reconciling a charge for items that were purchased for prizes/giveaways for students use 56905 (Non-employee awards). Only reconcile the amount of the gift card to this account, not including activation fees or shipping charges.

Please charge trophies and plaques to 53901, not 56905.