Routing the Statement for Approval

At the end of each “Billing” cycle the “Statement” cycle begins.  During the statement cycle the reconciler will do a final review to be sure all charges have all the appropriate back up attached (receipts, as well as any other back up that might be required for that purchase) and they will then approve the statement and route it to the pcard holder, who will then also have a chance to review and approve and the statement will then route to the pcard holder’s supervisor for final review and approval.  All three approvals must be completed by the last day of the statement cycle.  If the statement is not approved at all levels by the deadline the Purchase Card office may choose to put the pcard holders card on hold for an indefinite period of time.

Note: If there is a charge for food on the statement the department head must sign off on the statement.  If the supervisor is the department head then no further action needs to be taken.  However if the supervisor is not the department head then the department head must be added as an ad hoc approver.  This would be done by the first person (usually the reconciler) that routes the statement.  As soon the statement is routed the routing workflow appears at the bottom of the page.  Click on the plus symbol (+) between the second and third box and add the department head.