Request a Requisition (Large Purchase > $5,000

Purchases for $5,000 or greater require a Purchase Order be issued by the University’s Purchasing department before the purchase can be made.  A requisition is submitted to Purchasing; containing all the necessary information regarding the purchase; by the Finance Office.  Purchasing reviews the requisition, and if approved, issues a Purchase Order.  To start the process and request a requistion the department can complete a Requisition Request form and submit it to the Business Office with all applicable documentation.

Exception:  If you can order the item(s) from a Marketplace vendor that has been approved for orders in excess of $5,000 a requisition/purchase order is not required.  The order must be placed via the Marketplace website in order to qualify for this exception.

Convenience Contracts: Departments can also make purchases from a vendor who has a Convenience contract with the University without having to put the order out to bid.  You will still need to complete a Requisition Request form AND attach a quote from the supplier that includes the convenience contract number.  Once the Business Office processes the requisition Purchasing will create a purchase order and send it to the supplier.

Multimedia Equipment and Services Convenience Contract

Promotional Items Convenience Contract